Remodeling the upstairs

Hey, we are excited to continue this remodeling of our facility. The Lord blessed us with many able bodies and we were able to complete a very aggressive undertaking: the downstairs. And it looks great.

REMODELING [Phase 2] We will be carpeting upstairs in order to get ready for additional space for Sequoia Christian Preschool. The carpet deposit has been paid ($5000). Installation will be April 2nd thru April 7th. We also have a 'schedule' of work being done in the order that seems to be most effective:

March 4th move upstairs non-essential furniture to downstairs storage

March 5th begin prep, patch, and paint upstairs.

April 8th - 4pm move back in to upstairs rooms. The bathrooms will be last, maybe the end of April.

Most of the stuff in the Adult storage room has been moved to the container. We need every body on board to help with this endeavor.

Please contact Pastor Dan if you have any questions

Sequoia Heights Newsletter

Dear Church Family

I hope you have had an opportunity to invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers to our Easter service. It is going to be a great day celebrating our Lord's resurrection!

If you received this newsletter before Friday night, I want to remind you of our Good Friday Service. It is at 7pm. It is a great way to set your mind on what Jesus has done for us. I will be talking about Jesus as Substitute, Scandal, Sacrifice, and how He Satisfied God's wrath. I hope you can come.

God is working in so many ways in our church. As each ministry shares some of what they do. I ask that you will pray and ask God where He would like you to help in serving Him through our church. Each time you say yes to the Lord He empowers you to do everything He has asked you to do.That's the power of God working in your life. And when we say no, then we miss out on something God wants us to experience through Him. Say yes and let's watch God work in our lives.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have worked so faithfully in preparing our upstairs for next year. The painting is almost done, and the upper cabinets have been installed. The carpet will be laid this next week. If you have some knowledge in installing baseboards-that's next and then putting the classrooms back together. If we can get 30 people to help put the supplies back upstairs it would be a help for all concerned. The time is April 8th at 3pm. Please be ready. We need you. Thanks.

The future is upon us. April 8th is our mid-annual meeting right after the morning worship time. It will be around an hour long. Please plan on staying and supporting your church.


Anyone 15 yrs & older who is interested, can sign up for a Co-Ed Team, a Men's Team or both if there's room

When: Sunday evenings beginning April 15th

Where: Big League of Dreams Field [Manteca]

Cost: $55 per player per team you play on.There's a park entrance fee of $5 for all 13yrs & up.

Due: Sunday, March 25th please make checks payable to Sequoia Heights. We will pay BLD with one check.

Contact Pastor Dan if you have any questions

Youth World Changers in Gallup New Mexico June 24-July 1 Requirements:

Youth Jenness Retreat Friday April 13-Sunday April 15 This will again be $10 + food items. Sign Up by turning your $10 in to Pastor Dan

Grad Breakfast Sunday May 20th