Who are the leaders?

K.C. and Melissa Moebius are the boy scout leaders at Sequoia

K.C. and Melissa Moebius

The Boy Scouts is for boys from ages 11 to 18. At Sequoia Heights we meet every Monday at 7:00 PM. Boy Scout LogoThe Boy Scout Troop is based on the traditional Scout High Adventure program. The boys in the Troop enjoy a time tested program that blends basic life and leadership skills with outdoor knowledge all rolled up in a fun package. Boys learn many skills during the meetings and camping trips. The Troop campouts are usually on the third weekend of the month.

What about Cub Scouts?

The Cub Pack is based on the traditional Cub Scouting program, including lots of activities for the boys and parents at weekly den meetings, once a month Pack meetings and other outside activities throughout the year. Highlights include the annual "Pinewood Derby," the "Rain Gutter Regatta," and various field trips.


Let's go camping!

The Boy Scouts of America stands as an icon of our nation’s cultural heritage, a youth movement based on character, citizenship, fitness and a personal duty to God! Millions of boys have memorized and live by the Scout Oath, Law, and Motto. Sequoia Heights Baptist Church has been a proud sponsor of Scouting Group 423 for more than 23 years. Many families have become members of Sequoia through the Scouting program. If you are looking for an active Troop, come to one of our meetings to join our journey.

Outdoor adventure is the promise made to young men when they join Scouting.  Boys yearn for outdoor and challenging experiences that stir their imagination and interest. In the outdoors, youth have opportunities to acquire skills that make them more self-reliant.  They can explore canoe and hiking trails and complete challenges they first thought were beyond their ability. 

Attributes of good character become part of a boy as he learns to cooperate to meet outdoor challenges that may include extreme weather, difficult trails and portages, and dealing with nature's unexpected circumstances. Scouts plan and carry out activities with thoughtful guidance from their Scoutmaster and other adult leaders.  Good youth leadership, communication, and teamwork enable them to achieve goals they have set for themselves, their patrol or squad, and their troop or team. Learning by doing is a hallmark of outdoor education. Unit meetings offer information and knowledge used on outdoor adventures each month throughout the year. A leader may describe and demonstrate a Scouting skill at a meeting, but the way Scouts truly learn outdoor skills is to do them themselves on a troop outing. Outdoor adventure is the promise made to boys when they join Scouting. Boys yearn for outdoor programs that stir their imagination and interest. Boy Scouts provides exciting, fun, and challenging camping opportunities.